Effective Logo Design and Brand Identity

Posted On 27 Jun 2014 By Shane Metz
Effective Logo Design and Brand Identity

To start things off it would make sense to outline what a logo actually is and what it represents. Why would you need your logo designed by a professional?

If you are wanting a logo design for your business or any particular event essentially you are trying to create an identity. The identity created then portrays a perceptual image of what your business is all about, it is a direct reflection on the image of your brand and values.

As a graphic design studio that develops many logo designs for our clients throughout Melbourne our creative team have to think about all these factors when developing the design of the logo. The briefing process with the client then becomes very important so that we understand exactly where we are suppose to be going with the logo and how we are going to get there.

The logo is one aspect of any company’s commercial brand or economic entity, so our logo designers have to consider all the elements that create a logo, its shapes, colors, fonts, and images, usually our aim is to develop a logo design strikingly different from other logo's in the same market niche, so quite a lot of research goes into each logo design before we actually put finger to mouse on the Imac!

We follow a strict process to get the best results for our clients to ensure the final design meets their needs. We have listed the typical process that professional logo designers follow. (Brief, Research & Reference, Sketching & Conceptualising, Revisions, Presentation, Delivery & Support)

Some wonder what’s so difficult about developing an effective logo. They’re small, they look easy to do, so no problem, right? And i can just get one off the internet for $100 also right? The logo creation can look like it was a simple task. To develop an effective custom logo design takes thought and creativity, many elements are combined so your logo is flexible for your website, company stationery, and any type of marketing campaign. See below a few examples of custom logo designs we have developed for our clients along the journey.

In my eyes your logo is not something that can be bought off a shelf for a bargain price, i would hope that most businesses starting out deserve more than that.

The team at Metz Creative :)

Effective Logo Design and Brand Identity